The swift clouds
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<The swift clouds>

When I was praying at dawn today, 
a strong wind came through the window that was as small as my palm. 
I thought, ‘When the wind that comes into this small place is that strong, 
the wind outside must be massive.’ 
Because the wind was so strong, I worried that a typhoon might be coming and so I prayed.  
The Holy Son asked me during prayer. 
“What do you think the softest things are in nature?”
At that time I felt a wind blowing gently against me where I was, so I said, “it is wind.”
“What else?”
“They are water and clouds. 
And fire is hot but if it wasn’t, its flames would be equally as soft as the wind.” 
“It is so. Wind, water, clouds, and fire are used softly in this way. 
However, winds, water, clouds, and fire that are as soft as this 
are also used as the strongest and most frightening elements [of nature] 
according to the circumstances.” 

Then the Holy Son continued to speak, 
“Wind, water, clouds, and fire are soft when they move slowly. 
However, when they speed up and move fast, 
they become strong forces and sweep away everything in its path. 
You too, be used softly like the wind, water and fire. 
And if you want to perform miracles and signs, take action at a super high speed. 
Only then will a powerful history take place.”

Wind exists, but you cannot touch it with your hands. You can only feel it. 
It is also soft without [any abrasive surfaces.] How soft water is as well! 
In fact, fire too is very soft if you can get a hold of the flame. 
However, when the wind speeds up and blows at 300km/hr, 
everything, whether they are people, iron, houses, trees, or cars, 
is blown away leaving only the barren land behind. 
When the wind blows gently, it is okay but when the wind blows at a fast speed, 
it becomes a terrifying and frightening storm. 
Let’s look at [the example of] water. 
When water, which is very soft, [creates] floods and flows down rapidly, 
everything is swept away by that water. 
Look at how fire burns, running like a flying tiger. 

People say diamonds are strong, and steel is strong. 
However, if wind blows or water gushes out at an incredibly high speed, 
it will penetrate [anything] making holes. 
Not even diamonds or steel will survive through extreme speeds of wind or water. 
If water and wind are blown at a high speed, 
there will not be much left of even diamonds, steel, boulders, trees or whatever it is.  
Take a look at a waterfall [for instance]. 
Water falls at a high speed, and boulders underneath are carved about 10, 20, or 50m. 
When such water, which is soft, speeds up, it becomes very powerful. 
The same is true with fire. 
When fire gets more intense, everything melts and holes are made and things are destroyed. 
Depending on the speed, it exhibits incredible power leaving nothing behind.  

The Holy Son said, 
“How soft are the hearts of man? The physical body is also soft, isn’t it? 
However, as much as you speed up, and as much as you do it quickly, 
it will exhibit power like wind, water, or fire. 
Whoever it may be, as much as they speed up, they will make wonders and miracles.
Do not just lament that your heart is weak but speed it up and become fast clouds. 
Let your heart be fast, your thoughts be fast, your mind be fast and your action be fast. 
Then wonders will take place.
The faster you run, the more you can complete impossible tasks. 
The faster you become, the more powerful and able a person you become,
like a tropical storm, like a torrent, like a waterfall, or like blazes with smoke. 
Then Satans and evil-doers will fear; they will not be able to touch you or block you. 
Do you want miracles? Speed up and be swift clouds. 
Then I, My Father, and the Holy Spirit will ride you and fulfill desires. 
Pray. Then you will be able to do things fast and speed up. 
Speed up while loving me first and foremost. 
Then, great wonders like a typhoon will take place, power like a surging torrent will happen, 
and tremendous history like fire will take place.” 

All of you should speed up and become storms, flooding rapid currents, and fire of flames 
because the Lord rides on ‘swift clouds.’

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