Those who Shine Forever
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<Those who Shine Forever>

No matter how much honor a person may gain in the world or even if they become a tycoon, 
hold power and live a glorious life, 
they cannot be compared with those who are recognized by the Lord, 
living with heavenly power and missions, receiving the glory of heaven and shining forever.  
The Lord said that almost no one among those who enjoyed the glory of the world 
and held power that went to heaven and became glorified. 
They could not do the work of God and the Lord because of their worldly work. 
Because they lived their life with their minds preoccupied with worldly work 
and spent all their time in it, 
while being consumed by their physical work, they were unable to do the Lord’s work professionally. 

Those who have glorified God and have lived only for the Lord 
are not recognized much in the world but they are shining in Heaven. 
Like King David or King Solomon, 
people who lived only for God while carrying out their missions from heaven in the world, 
are shining even in heaven. 
When you go to the spiritual world of Heaven, 
ask the Lord if people who made their names here in this world are in Heaven. 
But, the Lord doesn’t easily tell those things to us. 
If you tell him that you want to meet those who were famous in the world, the Lord will tell you, 
“They are not here,” or “They are here, but I can’t tell everyone about it.”  
The Lord told me, 
“Generally, even if they believed in me, 
many who lived for the world only received salvation that they would be ashamed of.” 
So I asked, “Then who shines brightly in Heaven?”
Then the Lord answered, 
“Peter and other disciples who followed me around in the world, 
poured all their love on me and took joy in loving me. 
Stephen, Apostle Paul, the Samaritan woman by the well, Mary who gave the Lord the alabaster jar,
Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Esther, Daniel, Samuel and all the prophets of God, shine in Heaven. 
The central figures and martyrs also shine.” 
He then said, 
“In this time period also those who follow me around, love me 
and live truthful lives for me in accordance with the Will and my desires, 
will shine most splendidly in heaven and live in the domain of the brides as my brides.” 

In this world, the poor and the rich, the ruler and the ruled, 
and people of high, middle, and low classes all live together. 
The powerful, the tycoons, the famous, the celebrities, 
the righteous and the wicked all mingle and live in the same world. 
However, it is different in heaven. 
If your spirit does not transform into the heavenly level spirit while living in this world 
and if you don’t go to Heaven at the first attempt, 
even if you receive salvation, you will only receive a failed salvation. 
A person will not go to Heaven just because they believe in the Lord. 
The Lord always emphasizes repeatedly, 
“Be perfect. Be born again by the Holy Spirit. Heaven is a perfect world. 
Those who are not perfect cannot go to Heaven.” 
The words of the Lord written in the Bible say, 
“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” (Mt 5:48)

The positions of Sunday school teachers or middle/high school teachers 
are considered insignificant in this world. 
But in heaven, they are positions equivalent to cabinet ministers of the world. 
When you go to Heaven, you will really be treated according to your status. 
Therefore, whether your duty is small or big, 
you should faithfully complete the work the Lord has entrusted to you.  
A member who visits Heaven went to Heaven with the Lord 
and saw how good the houses of those who work hard for the Lord were. 
When that person saw her house, it was so good that she told the Lord, 
“No one on earth lives in a house like this!” 
Then the Lord responded, “How can you compare the things of the world to those in heaven? 
Because there is nothing to compare with, I use this parable in order for you to easily understand: 
the difference between the two is like 
that between a straw roof house full of pestering mosquitoes in the Amazon
and a high rise building at the center of a city.” 
The house of indigenous people is inferior even to the bathroom of rich people. 

At the predawn hours one day the Lord made me realize this deeply, 
“Whether their mission is big or small, people don’t know how valuable their mission is.
The mission I give you, whether it is big or small, is valuable to you. 
Yet, you just come to church without realizing this, 
thinking it is unimportant and think that I just gave you a position of duty. 
As a result, you are not fulfilling your mission properly.
Even though it is difficult, really value your mission and do your best.”  

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