Being saved according to each person’s deeds
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<Being saved according to each person’s deeds>

People in this world live infinitely different levels of lives
even though they live in the same nation, same region, same environment, and even in the same house.
They all live according to their individual uniqueness according to each person’s heart, thoughts, and actions.
The same is true with salvation.
Even though people believe in God and the Lord as others do, they do not receive the same salvation.
They are infinitely different levels because each person is rewarded according to their deeds.
Even for spirits who received salvation, the levels of their salvations are different
based on what their bodies did while on earth.
According to what each person did while they were in the body in this world,
they are categorized and sent to high, mid, or low level worlds
and even in those high, mid, and low levels they are separated again.
The Lord said the following regarding ‘being saved according to each person’s deeds.’
“Human beings in this world live according to their mentality, character, and deeds.
The life [lived in] each nation on earth are different,
the life each person lives even in the same nation are different
based on the region and traditions,
and the life each person lives according to their deeds are different.
The spiritual world is so big this world can’t dared to be compared to that world.
In it people go to different worlds based on their deeds during the time they lived in the world
and when they live as spirits in the spiritual world,
they each live in different places according to their deeds.
If, during people’s lives on earth they love me properly, obey and keep my words,
receive proper salvation and go to the same Heaven as me,
they are able to meet me there whenever they try to meet me.
However, if they separate from me
because during their lives on earth they did not love me properly
and did not properly obey and keep my words,
it is hard to meet me in the spiritual world even after 500 or 1000 years pass.
In this world there are people you meet only once and die without ever seeing them again.
The spiritual world is like that too.
In the spiritual world countless trillions of spirits live according to limits set by their deeds.
Do you think you can meet me when you’re not in the same place as me?”
In this world too, even members of the same family will meet each other
once a year or once every few months once they are mature and live separate lives.
In order for our spirits to be saved and live in the same place as the Lord,
it all depends on how much we obey the Lord’s words and how much we love the Lord
during the time we live in our bodies.
Even parents you lived with in this world are hard to meet when you go to the spiritual world.
Even your lovers whom you loved in this world and even your spouses and children
are really hard to meet in the same place when you go to the spiritual world.
The reason is because each person’s position in the spiritual world
is determined by how much each person loved the Lord while in this world.
Because salvation is infinitely different levels,
depending how people served the Lord with all their heart, will and life
and served Him as their groom or not during their lives in this world,
and depending on each person’s deeds, each person’s place in the spiritual world is determined by that.
The systems of this world are physical systems
but the spiritual world in Heaven is run by God who is almighty and run according to Heavenly system.
So it is different than the world’s system.
You must stick close to the Lord and live as the Lord’s brides in this world.
Then you will stick close to the Lord in the spiritual world and live as His brides there too.
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