The Words of God about 'time'
 Name : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-06-14     Hit : 8,914  


Time seems to go slow, however, in reality, it goes fast.
Even though it is said that a 24-hour day is a long time,
when you spend it for sleeping, getting ready, eating, and doing basic things,
you are usually left with only 10 hours a day to live.
On top of that, if you have a job, you have to use that 10 hours for the job.
Therefore, you have no ‘time for yourself.’
Even though it is said that there are 24 hours in a day, a day is really short.
That is why you have to hurry yourself and run quickly.
I asked God why time goes so fast. This is what He said.
“Because I have divided one hour into ‘60 minutes,’ it seems like a lot of time.
Consider a grain of sand.
If you hear [there are] ‘60 grains of sand,’ it sounds like a lot.
However, if you put them into one lump, they are so little and small.
You live with the body. The body is slow.
When you actually do something with your body,
you cannot do as much as you thought you could.
Therefore even though there are 24 hours in a day,
a day passes without you being able to get much work done.
Therefore, for the body, time is short.
The same is true for a person’s lifetime.
Because it is divided into ‘100 years,’ it seems long.
However, because a person lives using the body that is slow, time goes fast.
That is why you have to run more than ‘twice’ as fast in order to use time at length.
If you want to use the set time ‘more than twice’ as much, use it spiritually.
In other words, your spirit and soul have to use time through ‘your body.’
In order to go to this level, first you have to ‘focus your thoughts.’
Only when you focus your thoughts, can your spirit and soul take action through the body.
Pray by focusing your thoughts, listen to the Word by focusing your thoughts,
and take action with ‘the thoughts of the Divine Being’ by using ‘the head of the Divine Being.’
This is how you can use time spiritually
and make your spirit and soul take action through your body.
The wisdom and knowledge of the spirit is superior to that of the body,
and the Trinity do things with the highest wisdom and knowledge of all.
Therefore, if you do things with those thoughts,
you will do things twice or three times as fast and do them passionately.
Then you will be able to grab time, use time in the greatest way possible,
and use the same amount of time twice as much.
Therefore things will turn out well that much more and you will succeed.”
Time can be long or short depending on ‘your deeds.’
If a person lives long, [he] may reach 90 years old.
When a person is over 100 years old, it is difficult to even take care of himself.
Even if we say that people live 80 years on average,
they don’t know anything when they are young, up to 10 years old, so they have 70 years of life.
If 20 years is subtracted from those 70 years for sleeping, people have 50 years in which to live.
Out of 50 years, miscellaneous time alone accounts for over 20 years, 
so if this is subtracted, 30 years are left.
Therefore, in life, ‘30 years’ is the core.
You have to use this short time truly valuably and grab time to use it more than twice as much.
However, With the body, it is difficult to run more than twice as much 
or take action more than twice as much.
With the body, you can do just a little more.
However, ‘the brain and thoughts’ can do more than twice as much.
‘The soul and spirit’ can do more than twice as much.
If you concentrate your thoughts, receive the Divine Being’s thoughts,
and do things using the Divine Being’s head,
you can do ‘more than twice as much’ and gain ‘more than twice as much,’
which is like living a life that is ‘more than twice as long.’
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