A Hero who annihilates Satan
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<A Hero who annihilates Satan>

One day, after I finished the first predawn hour prayer, I was so tired that I dozed off.
Twenty minutes flashed by as, I slumbered and failed to pray.
While asleep, I saw a woman nursing a child in her arms.
Suddenly the woman said her stomach was in pain.
So I asked her, “Do you want me to pray and heal you? What is wrong?”
The woman answered,
“There was a mouse nearby, and while I briefly dozed off, it went in under my skirt.”
I suggested her to catch the mouse.
She replied, “It already went inside through my bottom; it’s in my intestines.”
I told her, “Then go to restroom and let it out.”
It happened between the time I finished my first prayer
which began at midnight and ended at 2:00 AM and before I began my 3 o’clock prayer.
It was a revelation that tells about Satan’s intrusion while I dozed off.
Things are like this.
Whether you pray in predawn hours or hear the Word during the day,
if you don’t concentrate your mind,
Satan sneaks in through the crack as if a rat crawls into your guts through your bottom.
Don’t allow the Devil to infiltrate.
Mice invade as soon as they see a crack.
They creep in through a hole in the door or a gap in the window,
wherever the fissure may be, without being noticeable to people.
Satan too enters as quickly as he sees a break.
Satan dashes in to keep itself hidden from the eyes of people.
The Devil invades through a crack, which may sometimes be sleep or money, 
some other times, love or a lie.
When you don’t pray, when you don’t give thanks, when you hate your brothers, when you are ignorant,
or when you don’t spend your time valuably and do something [worthless],
you create a hole through which the Devil attacks.
You too should strike Satan in the name of the Lord.
Strike him with the sword of the Holy Spirit and the sword of the Word.
Then Satan and devils suffer tremendously and they become scared.
Because they undergo bone-wrenching pains, they run away in fear.
Satan and devils break into your house like thieves.
Why do you leave them alone, pay no attention, and then get victimized?
Satan is our eternal enemy.
He is a monster and utterly evil being that tries to drag us to hell.
You must kill off and overcome Satan that comes in your way
in order to triumph in faith and in the spirit.
Be ‘a hero who annihilates Satan.’
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