‘Check’ Enlightenment through a single pen
 Name : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-05-15     Hit : 5,945  

<‘Check’_Enlightenment through a single pen>

I write tremendous amount of things even in a single day. So a single pen is often not enough.
So one time I wrote with a spare pen next to me.
Later when I looked, the spare pen was not in the same place. It was somewhere else.
I assumed, ‘I clearly put it here. Why is it over there? That’s interesting. Is this some sort of a sign?’
Then I put the pen back to its original spot. Then I was busy writing.
However, at that moment, the pen was in a different place once again.
I made the assumption, ‘This is clearly a sign.’
And I thought, ‘Even miracles don’t happen repeatedly. This is really interesting.
I will put it back and watch what happens.’ Then I checked it again.
When I checked, [I found out that] the spot I put the pen was slightly tilted.
That is why the pen kept rolling to that spot.
When I checked it, it was not a sign, a miracle, the working of the Holy Spirit, or something mysterious.
From this I realized ‘an item of truth.’
It is that people also think and take action
to ‘the side that the foundation of their thoughts are tilted toward.’
Therefore, someone whose ‘basic foundation of thoughts’ is wrong must get it fixed.
Only then will he judge and decide correctly and take action correctly.
Not knowing that the floor was tilted, I looked only at how the pen was rolling away,
and assumed that it was ‘a miracle and a sign.’
In this way, assumptions make you think all kinds of thoughts and think, “It’s mysterious. It’s a miracle.”
When you check, it is different from your assumptions.
That is why you have to decide by checking in order to not make mistakes.
With God and the Lord too- you have to believe in Them
while checking through ‘the perfect Word’ and ‘what They have done.’
You must never decide by ‘presumptions and assumptions!’
‘Presumptions and assumptions’ are nothing more than your own thoughts.
‘Presumptions and assumptions’ are not real facts.
Therefore, if you ‘make decisions’ based on what you presumed and assumed, 
you will make many mistakes.
Deciding is ‘something you do after checking.’
You have to check and discern by looking comprehensively at everything from
what you saw, what you heard, what you learned, and what you experienced.
You should discern, judge, decide, and take action after checking.
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