Give thanks about how you look since a person’s appearance...
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<Give thanks about how you look 
since a person’s appearance is a masterpiece of God>

In the past, I got shocked tremendously and I used to think all kinds of thoughts.
One time, I broke a mirror.
“You should have given birth to me well, what is this?
My oldest and second-oldest brothers are tall and handsome but I am the only one who is ugly.”
Even I thought like this, you guys should be the same, shouldn’t you?
I had a chance to share this story when I met a couple of people who participated in the Miss Korea contest.
“I want to have surgery again.”
“Why? Are you teasing me because I am ugly?”
“It’s not because of that, I entered the Miss Korea contest
but I am too ugly when I reflect upon myself through the mirror.
It reaches the point that I would like to break the mirror.”
Even people who are pretty all around said that they wanted to die because they are ugly.
And then she said she wants to get a nose job again, and I said that “I used to have such thinking.”
If I didn’t have that kind of experience, I can’t converse with you guys.
I am able to understand people’s heart because I went through it, too.
Because I used to attempt to commit suicide myself since I wanted to die, 
it enables me to understand people’s  heart who tried to commit suicide themselves.
In the course of my life also, lamenting about my life I thought
“I wish I was born as a woman, why I was born as a man.”
Maybe, you guys might be the same.
However, you have to feel gratification according to how you were born and live diligently.
For example, a persimmon tree said, “How come I was born as a persimmon tree?”
People will say, “Be born differently next time! I will cut you down!”
However, if a persimmon tree said, “I am so thankful because I was born as a persimmon tree”
people feel (good and admire) to the extent of saying “What would you like to eat?”
In this way, when you guys also say,
“God! I am thankful and grateful because you gave birth to me”
God will say, “What do you want to eat?”
Don’t say, “Why do I look like this.”
If you do so, God (if you are not pleased that much) will say,
“If you bring it after designing yourself, I will make you according to that design.”
However, can you follow God’s design? You cannot follow it.
You must know thankfulness and gratefulness for your birth.
You also, must truly be grateful and feel gratification that your life was born.
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