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<Do not be afraid of rainstorms or snowstorms, instead have fun in them>

When I was young, 
the Lord enlightened me about life’s tribulations, persecutions and sufferings through rain and snowstorms
and said,
“Do not be afraid of rainstorms or snowstorms, instead have fun in them. 
In fact, go to the mountaintop to pray. If heavy rain pours down, just let it hit and soak you.
How great it would be? 
If you want to take a shower in that high rocky cliff off of Mt. Daedun or on the peak of the Mount of Olives (Mt.Gamram), 
you would have to install a showerhead, but that would be impossible.”
At first, I tried to avoid rain by going under the rocks
but later on, I just came out and got soaked in the rain and even took a shower under the heavy rain.
When I went to go gather firewood in the mountains or to cut down grass, 
I used to carry soap around with me.
When it rained, I washed my hair and I even scrubbed my body. It was really great.
It was hot in the summer so it was a miracle to take a shower on top of a mountain. 
It was the biggest showerhead in the world.
If it continued to rain even after I had finished taking a shower,
I would even get to wash my clothes so it was really great.
Because I was raised that way, it felt good to be hit by the cold rain during autumn.
Habits are powerful.
The Lord said,
“In this way even if you go through tribulations and suffering in your life, 
look for what needs to be done in the midst of those tribulations 
and overcome them while taking action.”
When I found out what things needed to be done even in the middle of tribulations and put them to action, 
I could gain more than what I had lost during the tribulations.
It’s the same thing even now.
When dark clouds develop; rain is likely to come; thunder and lightning strike; raindrops begin to fall,
people usually get anxious about being caught in the rain and their clothes getting wet, 
so they quickly go indoors.
Or they feel bad, saying, 
“It’s been a while since I was out like this but unfortunately I am caught in the rain.”
Even if they went on a picnic, [if it starts to rain] they get in the car and come back home right away.
By the time they arrive at home, the rain has stopped after it having only rained just a little bit.
Then they’ll say, ‘Since we can’t go out again and the sky is covered with dark clouds, let’s go to sleep,’ 
and they just keep on sleeping.
[But]in fact, the day eventually turned out to be a really good day because the weather became cool.
Things often happen in this way when tribulations and hardships come.
If you just get scared from the start, you will give up and run away, 
and you will get used to being that way.
Such people are always afraid of having any hardships that they may face in their future.
Even if just a little bit of thunderstorm strikes and only a few raindrops fall in their life,
they feel nervous, have all kinds of worries and are afraid.
Then they give up and stop what they were trying to do.
Do not think of or be afraid of all your difficulties and worries, but leave them to the Lord.
You should take action boldly just as you get rained on during the summer
and you get caught in a snowstorm or cold wind in the winter time.
Then you can become a strong hero of life
and you will be able to complete the work that the Lord has entrusted to you in the end.
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