7. The Great Dedication is Prayer
<The Great Dedication is Prayer>  One day, this kind of incident happened to me.   Even though a revelation from the Lord came to me several times, “Offer Great Dedication,” I didn’t know what great ded…
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6. Painful Suffering
<Painful Suffering>   In 1973, this happened when I prayed at the Namhansanseong Fortress.   I prayed to the Lord to please make me sick  because I wanted know the world of suffering of human beings. I prayed f…
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5. People Are Books
<People Are Books>   When I was discouraged, and I didn’t have money to buy books, God said, “Today, I will buy a good book so let’s go.”  I went to the mining place.   I got the chance to talk with a per…
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4. The Value of Being Diligent
<The Value of Being Diligent> Being diligent determines the fate of every work.   A diligent person catches a roe deer in the mountains first,  a diligent person earns money first.   It's because a diligent person takes…
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3. How Much Do You Live Righteously?
<How Much Do You Live Righteously?> When I was cutting down barley and sweating profusely during  the blazing sunlight of summer,  my Mother stopped by and gave me a bowl of barley  and just one side-dish of red pepper p…
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2. Prayer to the Holy Son
<Prayer to the Holy Son> In the past, I used to pray like this.   “Lord, I am an ignorant and foolish person.   No matter I much I think about it, I am not a wise person.   I clearly have come to know that my head is …
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1. Radar Net of Heaven
<Radar Net of Heaven>  God showed me He is with me in several ways.  One time, God showed me an antenna,  which is as big as a building and rotates like a radar screen on top of a mountain.  All the…
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