Master piece of pine tree
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Master piece of pine tree

I was on a bus heading somewhere.
Outside the window, I saw the scenery of a new city with well-arranged roads and dense apartments.
The sky was clear for a change, and the warmth of spring seeping through the window made me feel good.
Then the bus stopped for a while because of the red light, and my gaze fell upon on place.
A peculiar sight caught my attention.
It was a pine tree that was crooked in a strange way.
The pine tree with a bent body stood out among the many pine trees 
that were upright and straight along the road.
It almost seemed like its face would touch the floor. 
It felt like this weary but enduring pine tree was speaking to me quietly,
“You should be like me.~~”
It was a sincere, deep voice.
I kept looking at that pine tree while the bus stood still, waiting for the signal to change.
I involuntarily told the pine tree, ‘You are a work of art! Wonderful.’
The bus started moving again, I kept looking back at the pine tree and I reflected upon myself.

To be honest, the past several months had been difficult for me, both physically and mentally.
Circumstances caused me to leave my new home 
and move to an unfamiliar place in just a few months’ time.
The process was difficult while I was also exhausted from life and religious problems. 
Furthermore, there was a situation where I was disappointed with people whom I had trusted 
and this made me very confused. 
Even though I knew that prayer was needed more than ever in those situations, 
I could not find the strength to pray and sank to the floor.
I was also disappointed in myself because I could not do many things for God and was simply breathing. 
You would expect my mind to be firm like a boulder after a few decades of faith,
but my fickle self made me very worried and concerned. 
In short, I was experiencing a ‘crisis of faith.’ My mind was like a muddy mess. 
It felt like God was trying to tell me something through that pine tree. 

I thought, ‘What could that pine tree possibly have gone through to being in such a state 
while the other trees are perfectly normal? 
However, even though it looks perilous, it will never die because of its thick roots under the ground!’ 
And this made me wonder what were the roots that supported my mind.
As someone who has drawn Heaven and Hell countless times 
while knowing and feeling the spiritual world more than anybody else,
I feel that the most important problem of life is the ‘problem of eternal life.’ 
However, many people are unable to solve the problem of eternal life.
And going further, they are unable to fundamentally solve the problems of their lives. 
The reason is because they do not fully understand God and do not live by the Lord’s Word.
I wish to spread to all the world the Lord’s teaching that opened my eyes when I was ignorant,
And through this, I sincerely hope 
that people will also open their eyes to the existence of their soul and the spiritual world. 
I believe that the reason that I was born into this world was to help carry out God’s Will. 
This thought was the firm root that allowed me to endure whenever my mind was about to crumble.
Recalling this suddenly gave me strength and made me think,
“Yes, even if there is wind and rain, as long as my roots do not die and remain strong, I can keep going!
I have my love for God and an earnest desire to carry out His Will within me.
If my mind that is like sturdy roots does not die, 
I will become a wonderful art piece of life like that pine tree.”

Outside the window, hundreds of pine trees that looked identical flashed by.
As expected, no matter how hard I looked, I could not find another pine tree like that rare one. 
Like that ‘Masterpiece pine tree’ amongst the many pine trees, 
I promised that I would also become a ‘Masterpiece of life’ amongst the countless lives around me.
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