In the restroom...
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In the restroom...

I walked around a shopping center where there were many shops on both sides, 
and went to the restroom for a while.
There were only two toilet stalls in the small restroom, and I was standing in line waiting at the door.
I waited for a long time and both of them did not come out, so I was bored. Eventually a woman came out.
I saw that young woman was in her mid-twenties. 
She was so pretty that I was amazed at once by her beauty.
By the way, as she went past me and entered the bathroom, I frowned.
It was because of the smell that stung my nose. That was the ~ smell of ~ dung!!!
It was a terrible smell that I could not really imagine.
No matter how much I tried to understand that the smell of poop can’t be so sweet, it was really awful.
However, I’d just got in there and couldn’t go back out. It seemed that I was trapped in that smell.

At the moment, I imagined the face of the pretty woman with grumbling 
‘What the hell did she eat? Constipation? It's really too bad, terrible!
I started to get angry at the woman who gave me this pain.
Then, I calmed myself thinking, 
‘Oh, right. Here is the restroom! It can be possible in a toilet. There’s no other way.’
When I left the bathroom and sat on a bench, it just continued to smell like that around me.
After shopping, I felt hungry and it was time for lunch, but I could not have it.
At that moment, in front of the bench, she passed me again.
After finishing her work in the bathroom, she might have changed her makeup. 
However, to me who sucked up all of her stench, she didn’t look pretty at all.

I had been sitting on the bench for a while and I had been clearing the smell of memories.
At that moment, one realization came to me.
‘No matter how beautiful we are, if we stink the ‘smell of sin,’ God will not consider us beauties.
There are so many people that have nice outside appearances. 
But otherwise, in their minds and spirits they stink with the ‘smell of sin.’
The words “Sins are like excrement.“ is true.
Even if I decorate myself beautifully, if I let myself have the ‘stench of sin,’ God and the Lord know it 
and they have no choice but to stay away from me. ‘Sin’ is really dirty, smelly and hateful!!’

Thousands of people live sinning daily, and ‘sin’ is not seen in people‘s eyes.
So, there are not many people who seriously think about their sins and live in deep consciousness.
Even those who believe in God do not often repent of their sins with sincere hearts.
Even those who repent cannot repent deeply because they do not know what sins really are.
All the sins of the heart, thoughts, and deeds are piled up as ‘feces.’
If we cannot get rid of them, eventually we fall into ‘hell’ with ‘judgment.’

If we do not repent of our sins, we will spiritually smell the ‘stench of sin.’
As I felt more figuratively through this situation, 
I decided to become a true ‘beauty of the spirit’ that brings out the ‘scent of righteousness.’

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