A mysterious magician who changed my thoughts
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A mysterious magician who changed my thoughts

I had a conversation with one person.
When I moved to a new place, I got to know that person by chance.  
At first I thought she was very friendly and a good neighbor.
However, the more I talked to her the more I thought she was a strange person and I felt bad.
I talked a few more times with her since then, and I thought she was really rude.
I couldn’t stand her any more so I told her about my uncomfortable mind. 
And I asked her to refrain from acting in such a manner.
I treated her with good manners to the end but my feelings were still bad.

I talked to my close friend about this situation and expressed my heart.
She sympathized and comforted me, and said, “Let's forget it because there are various people!”
I replied that I understood, 
but I was constantly distressed by the way the neighbor had talked and her disrespectful behavior.
No matter how hard I tried to console myself and talked to my friend, I was still distressed.
And I was worried that there would be another such person in my new living environment, 
where it’s absolutely new without any familiar faces.
However, this place has an environment where I’ve wanted to live since the past, 
so I did not want to have my feelings ruined by someone.
There is a large mountain spread out in the front view of the living room, 
with a small pond ahead of the house.
The air is so good because it is a quiet place with not many cars around.
I was really happy when I came to this place because I’d always stayed in a polluted city.
I was upset because I felt depressed due to the discomfort caused by my new neighbor.
I tried to use all kinds of methods to forget it, but I did not resolve it. I relied on time, but it was useless. 
I kept thinking about it while I was still working, and my head was full of black smoke. 

I was deeply troubled at how I could escape from this bitterness. 
This is a ‘matter of thoughts,’ 
and the only one who can rule over ideas that cannot be ruled by oneself is the Lord my God. 
I immediately closed my eyes and prayed to God in detail about the circumstances at that time. 
I prayed earnestly that the evil thoughts that tormented me would disappear and no longer remind me. 
When I prayed, a miracle really happened! Suddenly, the ‘bitterness’ disappeared. 
God had destroyed the monstrous ‘bitterness’ that kept remaining in my head.

When I live my life, I often suffer because of things I try not to think about. 
People are trying to forget their bitterness with alcohol, tobacco, various amusements, 
and many other ways such as by meeting people or sleeping. 
However, there are many times when we cannot escape from the bitterness by any means and still suffer. 
They often say “Even though it is my heart, why can’t I control it with my mind?”
We can’t even name all those sufferings we’re having.
In those cases, we can pray to God to close ‘the door of thoughts which give us suffering.’
Pray that you will cut off and block bad thoughts to prevent distress.
Then God who controls the mind, the thought and the brain hears and answers our prayers.
Mysteriously the thoughts that bother our minds will move away immediately.

I was treated by God and was no longer troubled by it. ‘Peace’ came to my mind and thoughts. 
God is also the master of ‘peace’ 
and He is an omnipotent magician who cares about our thoughts and mind. 
I have decided that if I do something bad in the future, I will pray God to get rid of it immediately. 
I really appreciate how much blessing it is to rely on God, ho governs ‘thoughts,’ for my life.

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