Four-leaf clover
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Four-leaf clover

I had a problem which I had to figure out, so I did ‘a conditional prayer for 21 days.’
It’s good to pray, 
and when I pray setting a certain period of time for the issues which I want to be answered, 
I’ve experienced many times that God is working more.
So, in cases when I have important things that I want to get answers about I would pray 
for seven days or for 100 days as a longer term.
I have never experienced not having my conditional prayers answered, 
so I prayed with absolute conviction and faith.

It was finally the last day of my 21 days’ of conditional prayer.
I was walking toward my home and there were many clover leaves on both sides of the road.
I watched as I walked, and I suddenly thought of ‘any four-leaf clover?’
The moment I thought about it, I saw one four-leaf clover out of many clover leaves.
Among the abundant clover leaves, the four-leaf clover looked as big as my palm, so it was easy to notice.
It’s not easy to find a four-leaf clover 
even though we squat down to find it checking all through a field of clovers.
I just skimmed the field with the hope of ‘finding a four-leaf clover’ 
and I found one at the moment I thought of it.
As soon as I picked the four-leaf clover I put it in my diary and kept it.
I received this good luck charm on the last day of my 21 days of conditional prayer, 
so I had a good expectation of an answer to my prayer.
However... it took over two months for my problem to be solved.
I had five chances to solve the problem, but I didn’t accept them out of my unwillingness.
This is because I did not want to solve the problem with lower conditions like grade B or C 
; I wanted to solve through the excellent condition, grade A.
As time went by without solving the issues, my mind was rushed.
Whenever I was nervous, I plucked out the ‘Four-Leaf Clover’ that God showed me and consoled my mind.
‘It’s going to be okay! Everything will be alright.
I prayed my best, and God showed me the four-leaf clover which symbolizes good-luck.’
I cheered up my heart and prayed even harder.

Eventually, the deadline that could not be delayed came up, then miraculously the issue was resolved.
The problem was resolved with the best condition, grade A, without any regrets. I felt so good.
For sure praying was not in vain, and God responded as promised.
Prayer became a force to keep my heart in any situation,
I was inspired to choose the best condition ‘A grade’ 
instead of not choosing lower conditions.(grade B or grade C)
Also, according to the condition of prayer, 
God showed the revelation of response through the ‘Four-Leaf Clover’ which gave me confidence and faith.
And according to that sign, the symbol of the four-leaf clover, I can get ‘luck.
Unlike the four-leaf clover that I found easily,
God knows that the problem can not be solved easily.
He showed me in revelation in all things beforehand and gave me strength.
The problem was not solved, and in a tantalizing situation, 
I was able to hold my heart through ‘prayer and revelation,’
I was able to withstand until the moment the best answer came.
So I solved the problem well and finally got the symbol of Four- Leaf Clover, ‘Good luck.’

Every time I see the four-leaf clover in my diary, I feel the living God,
and I am grateful to God who will always be with me for my entire lifetime.

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