My father who became a child
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My father who became a child

My dear nephew and niece came to visit my home.
One is a girl who likes singing and painting very well,
One is a boy who is very naughty and loves soccer and cartoons.
It’s been a long time for them to visit my place, 
so they started to talk about all the stories which happened to them. 
After a while, my niece went into the room to listen to music,
my nephew watched his favorite cartoons on TV with joy.
He was so serious that he was immersed in the screen as if no one could bother him.
After that program, he played with his toys and soon got tired of it. 
And then he started to pull on the bottom of my dad’s trousers who was sitting on the sofa.
“Grandpa ~~ !! Play hide-and -seek with me! Okay? Grandfather, Pleeeeeeeeease ~~~~~.”  He begged.
Dad, who was reading the newspaper, finally nodded his head to his grandson’s sincere request.
My nephew told his grandfather to keep his eyes closed until he hid himself,
while counting slowly from 1 to 10 and then try to find him. 
I just sat and watched them from the dining room table. 
I was so fun watching them try to play hide-and-seek in my small apartment which doesn’t have enough space. 
My father counted up to 10 loudly and set out to find his grandson. 
Even though my father could have easily guessed the places where my nephew hid, 
he searched here and there pretending not to know at all, saying in a loud voice “Where is my sweetie?~
I laughed when I thought of my nephew, 
who was hiding somewhere and giggling while covering his mouth.
My father walked all over the place and went to his room, 
opened the closet door and finally found his grandson.
I was laughing once again with the way my dad acted. 
He was breathing hard as if it was really hard to find his grandson.
My nephew was happy to see his grandfather’s exhausted face with satisfaction. 

He laughed loudly. And then my nephew took his grandfather’s hand 
and went back to the living room, turned on the TV, and started to watch cartoons.
Then he told to his grandpa, “Grandpa, have you seen this cartoon? Do you know what it is like?”
When my dad said he did not know it, my nephew said in confidence. 
“I know all the stories! I'll tell you what they are like!” He began to explain excitedly.
My nephew explained in detail while doing a gorgeous gesture 
with his voice that utilized rhythm and intensity.
My dad was very focused on my nephew’s words and responded actively.
My nephew seemed to be tired of the long explanation. 
So, he lied down in the living room and watched TV quietly.
As soon as my nephew turned away and lied down, my father ran to his room quietly.^^
All of these situations were so funny that there was something to be realized.
‘God is like this. God who gives us dimensionally! 
(treats each of us according to our each levels)”

God gives us according to our level.
There are many standards in the level of faith, spiritual level, prayer level, personality level, words level.
If we are at a lower level, no matter how much God loves us, He just can not give us more than our level
A child can only talk and play at a child-level.
They can’t understand higher-level conversations 
and they just have the satisfaction of level-appropriate play.
To have a deeper love with God, we must elevate our own level.
We know, see, feel, and treat God according to our levels.
So, even though a lot of people love God, their feelings of love are different.

God, who loves us, has no choice but to give love to each at his or her own level.
My nephew got satisfied and was happy with his grandfather’s love 
because his grandpa played together, listened to his explanation. 
It is like a father who loves his nephew to the best of his level. 
God gives unchanging love to everyone,
the love of God that is wider than the universe is to feel more deeply as we grow.
If we are at a low level, even if God gives us deep love, it is difficult for us to understand the love,
It is not right for you, but rather difficult, so God can not give you.
I thought that if I did not raise my level of treating God, I could only have a low level of love.
‘Challenge of love!’
I have decided to continue to heighten my level and dimension 
and to challenge the deep and wide love of God.

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