The Happiness of 10,000 won
 Name : HeavenArtist
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The Happiness of 10,000 won 

Outside the church after the Wednesday Service, 
one friend (who is elder, we say ‘ Unni’ which means elder sister) called my name and came to me. 
“Hi~(Unni)” I greeted her pleasantly and she made a bright smile as she looked at me. 
Originally, she is really warm-hearted and always smiling brightly, and her smile made me feel even better. 
She said to me You’ve done a great job all this time. It must be hard to paint and work for the Lord?” 
I just replied simply “well, yeah~” looking her face. 
She asked to me, “Hwabi~ Can you reach out your hand?” 
while she was trying to give me something from her pocket. 
I reached my hand close to her. 
She grabbed something from her pocket and put it onto my hand, and then made my hand clench swiftly. 
I opened up my hand to see what it was, it was a piece of a 10,000 won banknote.
The ten thousand won bill was folded and folded back into a small square of about 3 to 4 cm.

She smiled brightly enough to have a half-moon-shaped eye and said to me. 
“You work so hard for the Lord that I want to do something for you, but I don’t have much. 
I’d like to give you more, but I’m sorry I can’t. 
It won’t be enough, but have some yummy snack when you get tired and exhausted.~” 
Suddenly tears welled up in my eyes. 
I knew that her financial situation wasn’t good. 
Even though I said I would receive only her mind, 
but not the money, she kept saying she’d really like to give it to me. 
So I said “Thank you! I’ll work harder while I’m having delicious snacks!”
She added. “If the circumstances are okay with you later, try to make fairy tale books. 
I think it would be nice to have amazing fairy tales which make people love God.
Try to paint and write wonderful stories also. I love fairy tale books.^^”
I said, “Okay! I’ll keep in mind what you said! I like fairy tales, too.”

Even after I got back, my heart continued to be impressed.
She was not one who was usually close to me, we just exchanged light greetings.
She unexpectedly encouraged and cheered me up and I was both glad and surprised.
I was excited, and as soon as I got home, I planned how to use the money.
I did not usually consider 10,00 won to be a big money, but suddenly I felt like it’s a huge sum of money.
I wrote down a list of my favorite snacks on the note.
If I bought an expensive snack, I thought I would spend it all in one time, 
so I only thought of some cheaper snacks which cost several 100 won and several 1000 won.
I was laughing at this situation and my actions while I was writing down those lists.
I wondered why I felt so good.
The reason why I felt happy was not because of ‘the 10,000 won itself’ which I considered not a big value, 
but because of her sincere heart which cheered me up.
Moreover, if you receive an unexpected gift from someone you did not expect, 
the joy is greater and the happiness penetrates deeper when the heart is sincerely conveyed by the gift.

I bought a really wide range of snacks many times with the 10,000 won.
I bought a lot of cheap and delicious snacks as if I was a kid.
It was the first time for me to spend 10,000 won with such a pleasant plan. 
It was so sweet to draw with the candy in my mouth and I kept smiling with pleasure. 
Because of the ‘encouragement and love’ from her, which was sprinkled on the candy, 
sweets seemed to taste sweeter.^^

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