As you get farther away from the sun you get cold, and as yo...
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As you get farther away from the sun you get cold, and as you get closer to the sun you become warm.

For several days, I was so sick that I could not even sleep properly.
I had been bothered my many things which had complicated my head 
and because my mind was uneasy, my body had become sick. 
I slept fitfully until I became exhausted and fell into sleep till the morning.
Throughout the day I felt uncomfortable as if I had done my makeup with washing my face 
because I had greeted the morning without doing predawn prayer. 
I felt a sense of shame and the smile left my face at not doing predawn prayer 
and not calling God properly.
In order to wholly spend the day, 
I needed to meet God through first start of the day that is ‘the predawn prayer,’
but without being able charge my spiritual strength through predawn prayer , 
I continued to feel feeble and depressed. 
The rhythm of my body, my mind, and my faith had been broken 
along with the rhythm of prayer and daily life, 
This situation repeated for several days and I began to feel despair.

After being caught in a swamp of thought, I suddenly realized that I could not be like this any longer.
I first cleared away my anxious mind while collecting my thoughts 
and then unwinded my stiff body through exercise.
After recovering my mind and body’s condition to some extent, I awoke at dawn and prayed. 
When morning came, I felt so good and honorable in front of God.
The hellish feeling of the past several days disappeared and a ‘feeling of heaven’ began to find me. 
Now that I was constantly calling God in my life, I was happy because he felt closer.
Looking at this different and contrary figure of myself, I had these thoughts.
‘Oh, my actions can lead me to be both close and far to God.
God is always in that place, treating me with unchanging love,
But when I do not act properly, I get farther from God and cannot properly feel his love.
When I could not pray properly, God felt so far away,
But when I resumed praying properly, He felt so close by my side. As expected~ I am the problem!
You feel cold the further you are from the sun and warmer the closer you are,
In the same way, how I act towards God decides whether He feels close or far.’

In this world, there are many people who say, “There is no God.” 
However, God truly exists and has always been there.
Those who do not believe in God ask, “How can you know whether God exists?”
You can only experience the existence of God by searching, calling, and communicating with Him.
To those who believe, call out, and communicate, He is a ‘living God,’
To those who do not believe, call out and communicate, He is a ‘dead God,’
and depending on your attitude towards God, your experience is different. 
In addition, even those who believe in and love God can feel as if he is not by their side. 
God is not existing in some moments and disappearing in others,
But it is because of their actions that they feel as if God is sometimes by their side and other times not. 
God and the Lord are always in the same place with the same warm love.
It is simply that the distance between us and God 
is decided by how much we call his name, seek him out and treat him closely. 

I became aware of the fact that it can be extremely difficult if you do not communicate properly with God.
Also, I deeply realized that the road to spending a wholesome day 
by receiving spiritual strength from God is ‘the predawn prayer,’
‘Prayer’ is conversation and you become farther from God when you do not pray,
so I resolved to pray and act with my whole being to always accompany God.

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