Banana skin
 Name : HeavenArtist
Date : 2018-04-30     Hit : 1,102  

Banana skin

After cleaning up my whole place, I came out with the food trash.
In the hallway to the elevator, there was a banana skin on the floor.
It had turned dark brown and was broken into multiple pieces. 
‘How could! What a nonsense person! How could he/she throw food trash like that way?’ 
I was upset with the person who enjoyed the banana and just threw it away without any manners.
I was momentary distressed about picking it up or not 
and even annoyed why should I distress by someone. 
‘What shall I do? Maybe a cleaningwoman would pick this up.’ 
I got on the elevator after picking up that banana skin slightly with my thumb and index finger 
after hesitating several seconds. 
I didn’t feel good touching that slippery skin. 
The cold wind outside made my finger holding that banana skin freeze. 

A food trash container opens its door when we put an exclusive-use card on it. 
Then we put the trash in it. And then it shows the weight and closes with one more card touch. 
The total monthly food weight is added to the monthly maintenance fee. 
I thought ‘Why should I pay for the one 
who throws food trash in the hallway with no manners and common sense?’
I put the card on the container and the door opened. 
I thought even this way ‘Why should I pay for the others by spending my money? 
Even though it costs just 10 or 20 won. I feel it’s a money loss.’ 
After thinking about what to do, I threw the banana skin and my trash in.

I felt refreshed after throwing away my two handfuls of trash. No more trash odor. 
I felt much fresher after I cleaned my hands with water tissue from my bag.
I realized something through this experience.
‘Ah, like the way I feel good when I take care of some trash which someone threw away 
I must feel worthy and pleasant when I repent for others’ sins instead of them.
Even though those may not appreciate it their sins could be cleansed spiritually if I repent for their sins. 
Doing repentance prayer means moving away those sins. 
The Lord repented for my sins, so that I can be forgiven.’ 
The Lord repented for all the sins I committed even without recognition so that I can be clean. 
I had a truly thankful mind when I realized that deeply. 

There are so many people committing sins without recognizing them. 
‘Sins’ are like food trash so that if you leave them where they are, odor, mold 
and worms would cover them. 
My mentor pastor said 
‘Whether those people know it or not, you should pray to God for their sins.’ 
The word was about how valuable and big it is to pray for repentance in place of people. 
I’ve got an idea that righteous people’s prayer could make this world which full of sins clean. 

Just throwing away one banana skin made me feel pleasant and worthy doing it. 
That’s the day I resolve my mind that I would pray earnestly
for my family’s sins, brothers’ or sisters’ next to me and for all those who commit sins.

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