Glass sandals
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Glass sandals 

I noticed a pair of transparent glass sandals in a shop window on the street. 
Those sandals made me grin slightly~ and reminded me my childhood time.

I was 8 years old in elementary school. 
Most girls like dolls and especially I loved Barbie dolls at that time. 
So every time I got some pocket money, I collected Barbie clothes and accessories. 
That led my treasure box to be filled with all kinds of barbie stuff. 
That’s one normal thing for a young girl who was fond of beautiful princess style. 
I couldn’t take my eyes off of those Barbie dresses, sandals and accessories 
whenever I passed by Barbie doll shops. 
As I got what I wanted one by one, I was extremely happy. 
Among the Barbie sandals I had, there was one pair of spangled transparent glass sandals. 
They were made of plastic, which looked like glass, 
so that they resembled glass sandals in fairy tales like Cinderella. 
Putting those glass sandals on my little palm, I was really happy looking them from every angle. 
One day I had a thought of hoping to be princess and putting on the sandals. 
‘Aha~ how amazing these sandals get bigger so that I could put them on! How terrific if that happens... 
Pray! The Lord will listen to any prayers I make.’ 
So I prayed after putting the glass sandals in front of one mosaic Jesus’ picture. 
“Lord~~ these sandals are so pretty. Can you make these sandals get bigger? 
I really want to put them on. You are omnipotent. Please make these bigger. 
I will pray until ‘certain’ date. 
On the following day when I get back from school, let that happen, please.”

I’ve prayed for almost one month. I prayed so eagerly that I got some sweat on my palms. 
The more I prayed the more conviction and expectation I had. 
After I prayed until that certain day I opened the door with big expectations 
as soon as I got back from school. 
At the moment I noticed the glass sandals which were placed in front of the picture of Jesus, 
and I fell down on the floor. 
Never! Not at all! Absolutely not! The sandals didn’t get bigger at all.
I imagined that I made a smile putting those sandals on and twirling a long dress like a princess. 
I was so disappointed. 
I wondered why the omniscient Lord didn’t listen to my prayer. 
I was speechless with shock and disappointment for a long time.

When I consider that now, it’s adorable but it’s really nonsense. 
I remember one more thing related to my glass sandal happening. 
When I was in college I talked with one pal. 
She said all her family attended church eagerly once 
but they didn’t go to church and didn’t believe in God anymore. 
She said firmly she would not believe in a Deity. 
The reason was all her family prayed with tears for the mother who had cancer. 
However the prayers didn’t work and her mother passed away. 
I thought ‘God must have led her mother’s spirit to a better place 
as an answer to their prayers in the situation her physical body couldn’t survive.’ 
Even the omniscient God works within principles and natural laws. 
People just pray believing God would answer all their prayers unconditionally. 
If that doesn’t work, they got disappointed. 
Outwardly they are grownups and have a long history in their faith. 
However there are a lot of mentally immature believers. 
The prayers out of ignorance and out domain of God’s will can’t be fulfilled. 
Some prayers could be turned away for a better way. 
I felt pity that if we misunderstand God with blind faith and end up losing our faith.

Now I can consider that even though my glass sandals couldn’t get bigger, 
God must have presented my spirit the same pretty glass sandals
In my place in heaven, aren’t my glass sandals shining brightly on my shoe cupboard?^^
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