For ‘the hope’ of each other
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For ‘the hope’ of each other

The slogan of my church in this year of 2018 is ‘The year of hope and thanksgiving.’ 
Even though I’m so thankful to live with hope of ‘the Lord’ and ‘Heaven’, 
I’ve still had my personal hope of myself to fulfill. 
So I’ve prayed a sort of special conditional prayer with the mind of ‘Hope’ that I’ll surely fulfill in this year. 
I prayed to God earnestly while letting Him know in detail, all the wishes I’d longed for. 
It seemed those wishes would come true in this year, so I’ve prayed harder for that. 

One Korean proverb says ‘It’s a rice cake in the picture.’ (It is the pie in the sky.) 
It means that even though we want to get something we can’t get it because it is not a real thing. 
The rice cake in the picture is not real 
so that it can’t make us experience delicious taste, be full and satisfied. 
Not achieving our ‘earnest wishes’ and just continuously dreaming 
would leave us disappointed and make us give up on them. 
I’ve also been praying for a long time while dreaming for my wishes to be fulfilled. 
I’ve sometimes been exhausted with endless efforts from waiting for the right time. 
So I prayed earnestly more than any time in tears.

I listened to Wednesday Service messages about ‘the hope and thanksgiving’ 
which connected to the previous Sunday Service messages. 
On my way back home, in a bus I prayed to God in my mind while remembering the message. 
I prayed for the ‘Spiritual wishes’ like my growth in Faith and the ideal change of my spirit 
as well as ‘Physical wishes’ such as the things I want to get and enjoy.
In that moment, some thoughts came to my mind suddenly.
‘I can ask God to help me to achieve my hope, but who could fulfill God’s hope? 
Like the way I long for a lot of things God might have many things He wants and plans. 
God is the Absolute Deity who doesn’t have anyone to listen to. 
Then To Whom He would talk to about His will and plans?’ 
While I keep thinking about these things I focused on God’s heart and I felt sorrowful.
I thought again. 
‘Even the Eternal Omnipotent Deity has sole anxiety, an unique desire. 
That might be a desire that He wants to fulfill on this earth as He has planned. (Isn’t it?) 
God’s unique and earnest desire is the very thing. 
Only Those who love God on this earth can fulfill His Hope. 
I have a physical body so that I can preach the gospel and do the very things God wants as His Body!’

I got overwhelmed and confessed to God right away. 
‘God~ You can fulfill my wishes and I can be the one who fulfills yours. 
I myself will pray earnestly that your plans will be fulfilled. 
I would regard your hope as mine and be the one who can make your hope be fulfilled.’ 

No other things can beat the pleasure and happiness of our dreams’ coming true. 
Fulfillment of big and small dreams gives us big power to lead our lives. 
Dreaming and making those dreams come true are hugely rewarding and true happiness. 
While I appreciate God’s listening to my prayers and His accomplishing them, 
I also made up my mind more to fulfill God’s Plans. 
I wish that I will become happier to accomplish ‘my hope’ 
and God also will be happier to fulfill all ‘His Plans.’

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