Hand In Hand
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Hand In Hand

In my last class, there are three 7-year old girls among my students. 
These girls are good at painting and they are lovely, polite kids. 
They live nearby. I felt I should bring them to their homes.
After class, we walked together toward their places. 
It was very cold in January as the cold winter weather continued. 
However, they walked joyfully while playing and not caring about the cold. 
Their jumping around made me think ‘that’s why they are kids.’
It was getting dark. I felt afraid they might fall down. So I followed them slowly with a careful look.
While I considered they would be okay, one girl fell down suddenly. 
I was surprised and ran to her and helped her to stand. Luckily she didn’t get hurt or injured.
So I said, “Sweeties~ Let’s walk holding my hands!”
I held girls’ hands on each side and the other girl held hands with her friend on my right side.

The girl on my right side talked to the next girl. 
“Now we won’t fall down, right?” 
Then the next girl replied in a confident voice. 
“Hey~ Don’t worry!! We are walking holding the teacher’s hands. 
She holds our hands. Our teacher will de~finitely protect us.” 
My heart was touched with their conversation which they had in a low voice. It sounded quite mature. 
As I heard their dialogues, I was filled with responsibility. 
I thought I should pay back their trust, as much as they believe in me. 
When I had that thought, I held their hands more tightly without recognizing. 
I checked whether they held their hands well due to worries of their falling down. 
And I had a special care when we got down the stairs. 
At that moment I had a thought that God and the Lord seem the same.
‘God will be with us as much as we depend on Him. 
He will care for me and protect me with strong responsibility as much as I believe in Him.’ 

While I was walking back to my atelier, I still had a feeling of holding hands with the kids. 
‘Trust’ was held in kids’ tiny hands 
and ‘strong responsibility’ was in my hands which were holding their hands. 
Furthermore warm ‘Love’ was in our holding hands. 
The Love couldn’t leak out at all with no hole to find in our firmly held hands. 
This reminded me of another image. 

My small hands which hold God’s hands depending on Him 
and God’s hands which holds my hands firmly with strong responsibility and Love. 
And then... eternally unchanging ‘Faith and Love’ in it.

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