The Power that raises me up, ‘Conviction’
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Date : 2017-12-29     Hit : 2,089  

The Power that raises me up, ‘Conviction’

There is a time that we collapse under various difficulties when we work on something. 
Especially during the work that we carry on with religious conviction, 
we sometimes have unexpected evaluations by different people.  
We might face criticism and misunderstanding. 
I also, often experienced such situations by doing Lord’s work. 

I think the most valuable knowledge in the world is ‘the Knowledge about God.’
That’s the most precious thing we must learn because it decides our life and eternal life. 
I’d like to let people know correctly about God’s Love, 
the world of ‘Sin and Punishment’ and the world of ‘Righteousness and Blessing’ toward mankind. 
The most urgent thing among them, which I want to report about 
is that there is an eternal world, Heaven and Hell
All lives who were born with physical bodies have their own spirits, whether they admit or not. 
Everyone will go to one world, which is Heaven or Hell, according to the deeds of his or her physical body. 
Heaven and Hell exist according to countless levels, like better heaven and more horrible hell. 
So many people, even though they love God, they go to the hell. 
We inevitably should do righteous deeds 
because we can’t go to Heaven with only a mind of believing in and loving the Lord. 
To know what are righteous things, it’s really important to learn perfect Words. 
I want to testify about all these through ‘Arts’ which is my talent. 
It’s not for compliments by anyone and not for gaining fame. 
However, with just the reason for doing my mission, there are times I should pay for it unexpectedly. 
They are pseudonymous criticism, swearwords, curses and so on. 
“Hwabi Jung is anti-Christ! She is a satan, devil! You’re the heroine of the hell! 
Shame on you. You ruin our country. Go Hell….”  
Besides these, there are worse swearwords which I can’t dare to write here. 
Whenever such people who swear at me, 
I think ‘How human beings who resemble the image of God be so scary and evil?’

Today also, I got one mail with extreme swearwords. I got so shocked that my heart seemed to stop. 
I hardly finished my work and walked back to my place. With my uneasy mind, I feel my heavy steps. 
Several years ago, when I first suffered this experience, 
I couldn’t sleep, and was tossing and turning the whole night. 
Now, I expected I would be okay after enough experiences,
but I was still heartbroken with those words of thorns. 
While I shake my head to erase all those, one word ‘conviction’ popped into my brain.
The power of countless ministers who preached in the middle of threating of death was ‘Conviction,’ 
The power of Daniel who wasn’t afraid and stood firmly in the den of lions was ‘Conviction,’
The power of Peter who died on the cross hanging upside down was ‘Conviction,’
The power of Stephen who died without losing smile while stoned for criticism was ‘Conviction’,
I considered all those cases were out of the power of ‘Conviction.’ 

With the thoughts of ‘God is on my side!  I’m doing the things God pleased with!’ 
I’m doing my awesome mission!,’ I began to get power suddenly. 
And countless people, who cheered and gave power to me, were on my mind. 
-The one who saw the video of Hell and repented sincerely for his sins.
-The one who thanked about making a reality of beautiful heaven and giving hope of heaven.
-The one who didn’t attend his church and lost his faith for a while but found his faith again.
-The one who was abused drugs d got back to the Lord’s love by realizing the reality of hell and sincerely repenting. 
-The one who was moved and set his mind to become a minister after he saw the video of hell. 
With my small effort and sacrifice, many people have received spiritual strength, 
live a new life and love God.
It seemed that I can hear cheering sounds from all of them, even though I couldn’t see them once. 
The world is getting more evil. 
Evil-doers who commit horrible sins without hesitation are getting numerous.
On the other hand, there are many hopeful people. I thought that’s why God doesn’t give up this world. 

God gave me the power of ‘Conviction’ and raised me up. He cheered me up. 
While others bend and duck their head due to the cold, 
I look confident, that march powerfully through the cold wind while holding a smile. 
I feel pleasantly cool in the severely cold wind, wearing the strong coat called ‘Conviction.’

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