Riding a tricycle joyfully in the autumn wind
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Riding a tricycle joyfully in the autumn wind 

I was walking along a road lined with trees. 
It was an autumn day in November, which scenic with many fallen leaves on the street. 
While I was walking in the midst of the autumn mood, one little girl riding on a tricycle passed by me.
She seemed to be outside for fun with her mother. 
She looked younger than kindergarten age, like Korean age 3 or 4. 
That little girl riding a tricycle looked so adorable. 
While She rode the tricycle with difficulties, her mother walked slowly with her arms crossed. 
Even though she stepped on the pedal hard, she couldn’t make the bike move fast. 
She could hardly manage it with her effort, so she shouted to her mother. 
“Ccccaaaaaannnn’t ma---ke it. Ccccaaaaaannnnn’t  ma---ke it.” 
She looked so cute, with her frowning face and shouting with slightly awkward pronunciation. 
Her mother didn’t care and responded sternly “Come, Hurry up!!” 
And then the mother kept walking slowly in comfort, still with her arms crossed. 
I felt a little odd for the mother not to help her little child. 
However, the mother seemed to cast a side glance at the little daughter to check, 
instead of making eye contact with the child. 
Without help from her mother, the child started to push the pedals again.  

The child couldn’t move fast but instead moved little by little. 
With the unbalanced power of her legs, she moved in zigzag manner. 
Her struggling looked quite serious even though she was a little girl. 
The mother who had gone for a while turned around and flashed her big smile. 
Then the mother started to push the bike behind her child. 
The child looked so excited with her bike’s speedy movement while drying her sweat in the wind. 
The mother pushed her joyfully while singing. 
That seemed like giving the child a present for her earlier struggling alone. 
The giggling sound of the child spread everywhere and even I could smile. 
Watching the child reminded me of the word, ‘Responsibility’ 
and I was moved calmly by the thought that God’s mind is the same as that mother’s mind.

-God who watches us calmly when we do our responsibilities, even when we are not good enough.
-God who always cheers us, watching while we fulfill our responsibilities.
-God who wishes we will get stronger and awesome  through the training of Responsibilites.
-God who feels happy with us when we do our best, as much as we can, to the end.
-God who helps us with bright smile  at the ‘extreme point’ while we’re doing our best.

If the mother just helped her child, she wouldn’t have tried on her own. 
I thought that the mother’s educational mind was really deep.
Letting the child do her best to solve the problem so that she felt challenged then rewarded, 
even though the mother felt pity on her child. 
Giving the child bigger happiness by helping after the kid’s best effort. 
I thought it’s real love. 
I realized deeply that God helps us happily when He sees our best effort without expecting God’s help first. 
Even though we are not good enough, when we do our best, God is willing to help us more and more.

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