Eternal Suffering, Eternal Happiness
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Eternal Suffering, Eternal Happiness

Among my art students is a ten year old boy who is talkative and naughty. 
One day just after arriving, he talked to himself while putting his bag down.
“Ah~ Animals must be so good because they don’t have spirits! whew ~~”
He looked strange while bending his head down and talking to himself in low voice. 
He attends church with his entire family including his grandmother, mom and dad.
I looked at him and asked 
“Dear OO~ Why did you say that animals must be good because they don’t have spirits?” 
He answered in a slightly angry voice like this.
“Animals don’t go to the hell even though they do the worst evil things!”
“You know, people go to the hell if they commit evil things. 
Animals can do whatever they want. They are better than people.
I want to do bad things - whatever I want, anytime!
However I feel afraid I might go to the hell so I can’t do them. Ah~ annoying!” 
The boy seemed very annoyed by enduring something, like he was in an unbearable situation.
I was wondering what to say for a while and I asked these questions.
“Dear OO~ There must be bullies who speak bad words and bother your friends in your school. 
Do you like them? Do you think their behaviors are appropriate? And do you want to copy them?
“No way.”
“It’s much more joyful and happy to live in good ways than to live in bad ways every day. 
To do bad things fully seems to be cool but actually you won’t feel good when you do bad things. 
And then it can’t be easy to do bad things every day. 
Think about it. If you bully, punch and fight with someone every day... 
don’t you think it’s hard to constantly live that way? 
With your bad behavior, you might feel cool at that moment but you can’t be happy continually. 
To live with good behavior is real happiness even it is sometimes hard to live. 
And why do you think only about eternal suffering? Haven’t you thought about eternal happiness? 
You must be so happy when you can get the things you want as presents 
and fulfill what you have dreamed, right?”
“Imagine that the happiness continues every day. Isn’t it so awesome? 
That imagination makes you feel happy, right?
In Heaven, eternal happiness continues. 
Let’s put it this way. 
You should choose more appropriate behavior in order to be gain amazing heaven, 
not because of the fear of the hell. Isn’t it a better idea?”
The boy was nodding with sincere eyes, looking at me. 
His face, which previously frowned in a grumpy way, looked bright and gorgeous like an angel. 
He seemed to calm down and started to draw in a pleasant mood. 
I thought through the conversation I had with him. 
‘There’re lots of Christians. 
There must also be a lot people who believe because they’re scared and afraid of the Hell. 
So they endure not doing bad behavior to avoid going to the hell and suffering eternally. 
How amazing it is to have faith because they love God and live with God eternally, 
not because they don’t want to go to the hell. 
If they struggle and make an effort to have the eternal happiness of the heaven, 
not because they want to escape of suffering of the hell, 
how pleasant and valuable a struggle and effort it is! 
It can’t be an unendurable and painful struggle with force.

I wish everyone will love God and live a righteous life to change their spirit into a heavenly form, 
with the hope of heaven’s eternal happiness all the time.

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