100 won and 100 times blessing
 Name : HeavenArtist
Date : 2017-09-30     Hit : 2,355  

100 won and 100 times blessing

I was on the way to my atelier(*A place for teaching arts to students).
I happened to look down and found something on the ground which was shiny.
I wondered what it was and found out it was a 100 won coin(*About a dime).
I bent down and picked it up.
“Argh, it’s just 100 won, what 100 won of all things, what is this 100 won used for…” 
Even though I found money, it’s only 100 won. I grumbled with dissatisfaction and talked to myself.
In former days when I was in elementary school, 
I could have Ddeokbokki(*spicy stir-fried rice cake) and other various snacks with that 100 won. 
Nowadays it can’t buy anything. That’s why I didn’t get an pleasure from picking up that money. 
There’s no other way but to put it in my pocket.

While I was touching that 100 won coin in my pocket, I suddenly thought a different idea.
‘No, it’s not easy to find money on the street, even it’s just 100 won. 
How miraculous it is to find money. It’s hard to find even one 10 won coin in a year. 
I found 100 one. What a lucky day it is!^^ (ha-ha)’ 
With a different idea I suddenly became happy. 
Then I got the coin from my pocket and stared at it, holding it in my fingers. 
‘Is it a good sign? A natural revelation? Does it mean I‘ll receive 100 times blessing?
Those ideas came to me. 
As soon as I had those good ideas, they immediately became strong conviction. 
‘Right, Right! It’s a revelation which symbolizes 100 times blessing. 
Wow… How come… Amazing.^^ (ha-ha)’
Thoughts connected with other thoughts and became the bigger imaginations and I had a big smile. 
Instantly imagining getting 100 times blessing and happy my future, I was fully thrilled. 
It seemed like I could have those days instantly like tomorrow. 
With this experience, I realized how important positive thoughts were. 
When I considered that the 100 won coin was nothing I grumbled even though I got free money. 
However when I considered that finding was a lucky thing, I got really happy. 
Good thoughts magnified into considering finding money 
is a revelation which symbolizes ‘100 times blessing.’ 
And then it results in conviction and hope of 100 times blessing in the future. 
Moreover I felt happy and resolved my mind to live diligently today.  
So I realized again that Good thoughts and positive thinking decide a good life.

‘Positive thoughts’ are like good seeds scattered in the field of life 
so that they bear good fruits which is a good life. 
We can notice a lot of cases that show those who succeeded in life stepped upon their difficulties 
and others who gave up and collapsed under their difficulties, in the same circumstances.
It all depends on their thoughts. 
From last week’s sermon, I realized how the word is correct. 
It’s  “How you think determines your destiny and determines 
whether you will receive misfortunes or blessings.” 

I made up my mind that I’d live with positive thoughts and work diligently. 
That 100 won coin really seemed to cheer me up as if it was smiling at me.

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