The king of individuality, The king of talents
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The king of individuality, The king of talents

While having dinner with my family, I saw a scene about interviewing a singer on TV. 
That singer is a popular singer with slow and sweet songs. 
He looks impressive with peaceful facial expressions 
and is always a plain-dressed singer who sings with guitar accompaniment. 
That’s why he’s popular with from young generations to old generations. 
His songs are easy and comfortable to sing along with for many 
because there’re few high-pitched notes in his songs. 
He seems to feel content and happy with his songs without trying to get more popularities.
His voice is as sweet and low as whispering 
and there was absolutely nothing that bothered to my ears. 
The lyrics in his songs are mostly about the beauty of Nature, 
which are far away from provocative or erotic lyrics.
So his songs naturally remind us of beautiful seas and flowers. 
He is a talented singer-songwriter who even sings with his own playing the guitar. 

The interviewer asked the singer.
“I wonder why there’re no high-pitched notes in your songs.”
“I don’t sing high-pitched. Because…
(For a moment he dropped his head and raised it again smiling and said...)
“I’m not good at high-pitched songs.
I just do what I do well. Why should I do things I’m not that good at?(^^)”
His answer was clear.
Nonetheless, the reporter asked him to sing scales from Do~ 
to check how many octaves he could go up to.
So the singer started by the reporter’s order and with going too far, 
his voice got hoarse and sounded awkward. 
He stopped there and laughed loudly saying “never let me do it again!”

The reporter asked again.
“If then, you don’t plan to sing high-pitched songs in the future either?”
“Of course not, I don’t want to waste time doing things I’m not talented in. 
I’m short of time even singing my favorites which I’m good at.
His answer with a confident and bright smile looked awesome.
At that moment, his saying reminded me of the words which I often heard from my pastor.
It's about the king of individuality.
Ears are the king of hearing. Nose is the king of smelling. 
If you develop your own individualities God gave well, they become amazing talents.
With the way flowers, seas and trees exist with their own beauties, 
the world becomes a beautiful and harmonious world. 
Even if the sea is amazingly gorgeous, with only the sea it can’t become harmonious. 
Even if flowers are the most beautiful, imagine if there’re only flowers in this world. 
That can make the world tiresome and unattractive. 

We often feel envy and jealous about others thinking why I can’t be like that, 
even we have our own amazing individuality or talents.
We do have ‘our own individualities’ which nobody has.
My mentor pastor says that Each person has their own individualities which nobody has. 
The world ranks the first, the second and the third. 
However in the world of faith, 
everyone can be the first and the king in their own individualities. 
Kings of talents! 
The world has just only one king but all of us can be the king in our own talents and individualities. 
Even I wondered with what I can be the king of my own? What I do well the most? 
Ah~ I’ll be the world-wide painter to testify for the Lord with my paintings. 
So I resolved my mind to live a happy life giving glory to the God.
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