The lesson that I learned from the cherry blossom
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The lesson that I learned from the cherry blossom

I was on the way home after teaching an art class at the atelier.
There are two routes to get home from the atelier 
and I felt like taking the other route today instead of the road I always take.
I don't take that road at night for safety 
because it is a very quiet street that pedestrians or cars hardly ever passed by. 
However it was not dark at all even thought it was 7:00 pm for the day gains on the light in spring.
Therefore, I felt safe taking that road today and started walking. 
A spring breeze was blowing which was quite cool. 
While I was walking the street  with a hum in a upbeat mood, 
there was a stem of a flower on the ground right in front of me.
Most of  the time, only petals or tiny branch with some flower fell on the street  
but it was literally ‘chunky stem with full of flowers.’
It was big enough to suspect that the branch was broken off a tree by someone intentionally.
It was a very beautiful ‘cherry blossom’ when I got closer to it. 
It was too pretty and good to be thrown on the street like that.
Soon it's going to be dark and people would step on it because of poor visibility at night 
which I just couldn't let it happen so I picked the branch up.  
It looked like a small bouquet when I held it in my hand.
It was so pretty that I snapped the picture with my cellphone immediately. 
And then I smelt the fragrance of a flower naturally.
I felt pleasant when the subtle and sweet fragrance of the cherry blossom 
through the nose spreaded throughout my whole body.
I walked home with a spring in my step, holding the flower tight in my hand 
as if it was a gift of a flowers from my lover.
The feeling that the fragrance of the cherry blossom accompany me all the way home 
made me smile often. 
I got home before I was aware of it since I was walking with keep looking on the flower.

I got into my room and left it on the desk for a minute 
with the intention of putting it in a water bottle a little later.
I was stunned when I came back to the room 
after a little while for changing clothes and washing my face. 
The sight of  completely withered flower on the desk gave me goose bumps.
‘How in the world this unsightly withered flower is on the desk 
instead of the beautiful and fresh flower that was on a little ago? 
Quite literally, it was the sight of ‘dead flower.’
I was even reluctant to pick the branch up and was not able to calm myself down soon.
At the moment, this thought came across my mind strongly 
while I was experiencing  the situation like that. 

‘Ah ~ Flower can be ‘live flower’ only when it is on the flowering tree without doubt. 
When the branch fell off the tree it looks like it is still live at that moment 
but it becomes a dead flower right away.
Our lives are also like this.
‘Our lives are like the individual branches of the huge and magnificent tree that is ’God, Lord,’ 
our lives also would be dead lives the moment it fell off the tree.
Just like the flower can be live and beautiful continuously 
only when it remains on the tree tightly, 
our lives would be vibrant and alive by grafting onto the tree which is ‘God, Lord.’

There was no beauty or fragrance anymore from the dead flower.
Therefore I had no choice but to throw it into the trash can after all with a feeling of regret.
I once again riveted the value of it deeply in my mind 
that how significant and vital life it is which is a life of being congenial to ‘God and Lord’ 
through the flower thrown in the trash can.

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