My mother and a Castella cake
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My mother and a Castella cake

My older sister went out, and she came back home with a bag in her hand like she bought something. 
She said yes when I hopefully asked her if she bought some snacks since I was feeling a little hungry.
I swiftly pulled out the long box from the bag which she handed to me. 
There was a delicious-looking ‘Castella cake’ in it when I opened the box.
She cut the cake into bite-sized pieces and placed them in the dish.
I asked my mother who was watching TV in the living room to have some of the cake.
She didn’t seem interested in at first, 
but when she turned her head and looked at the cake she smiled with a grin.
She held the cake in her hand and started enjoying with happy look on her face.
I was watching her in wonder 
because she was eating continuously that she can’t eat large amounts of food at one time.  
After eating the cake a good while, she told us this,
“Castella cake is my favorite cake! I really  like it. 
Castella cake is certainly the most delicious cake! It tastes so~good.(ha ha)”
At that moment, my older sister and my eyes met. 
We both tilted our heads to one side and had a quizzical look on our face.
Although we’ve been living with mother for several decades,  
we found out for the very first time the fact that what she liked the most was the castella cake.

I bought the snacks frequently for my parents on the way back home from the work 
and whenever I asked mother if there was anything particular she liked to have 
her reply was always the same, “I have no appetite. Don't spend your money.”
When I asked her again to be sure, she used to say, 
“Get whatever you feel like instead because I don’t have anything special on my mind.”
My mother has never asked her children to purchase something she wanted to have 
or desired let alone her favorite food and it's her trait. 
She has been doing her best for her children within her abilities unceasingly.
I was astonished at the sight she liked something so much 
and, moreover, I was at a loss a little bit that just a cake could make such a delighted look on her face.
Because I have never seen her in that way.
I was surprised at her secret that I discovered newly and at the same time I felt sorry as well.
I would have bought the cake for her all the time only if I knew, 
but until then I just bought the snacks that I chose.
On the other hand, I felt regrettable that ‘I wish she had  told me that 
then I would have bought the castella cake which she likes so much more than enough all the time...’
And then, this saying  that I heard before came through my mind.

“Even between lovers  still need to talk. 
Even though beloved one can not  possibly know if you don't say.”

I couldn’t buy her most favorite cake even once just because she didn’t tell me before.
I would have bought it right away if she told me that she wanted the castella cake 
when she was being asked what she wanted for the snack.
By saying that, I finally came to learn about one of her secrets that I didn't know for decades.
Although it may not be considered as a secret 
but to me the fact that she likes the castella cake was a new secret.
Likewise, This thought came to my mind 
that I should be more mindful of expression in words to lord and also to God. 

There are so many religious people who assume 
that God would take care of all without a specific prayer 
under the notion that ‘God is almighty therefore he knows everything.’
Even though it is your dearly beloved one, you can’t do it for he or she 
because you don’ know no matter how much time goes by but if you know you can do it right away.
Even loving God He hears us only when we speak, express precisely 
then He answers accordingly and works on it  in the most ideal way.
Therefore, I felt it is absolutely true in saying 
that we ought to be honest, be specific and precise in speaking when we pray or talk to God.

“Even beloved one needs to hear to know, 
no matter how small it is can’t be known unless you say.”
I realized once again how vital it is in life to express properly in words and in prayer to God and to Lord.
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