‘Love Money’
 Name : HeavenArtist
Date : 2016-12-27     Hit : 5,127  

‘Love Money’

One Saturday afternoon, I had to babysit my niece for a short while
because my older sister and brother-in-law needed to drop by somewhere.
Even though we get together frequently as we live in the same neighborhood,
meeting with my niece is always joyful to me.
I asked her if she wanted to eat something
and she said she wanted ‘jajangmyeon (black bean sauce noodles).’
We left home for the good Chinese restaurant which is located within a five minute walking distance.
I asked my niece in jest while walking along the street,
“Are you buying jajangmyeon today sweetie?
She replied in a loud voice to my kidding,
“Sure! I am buying! Aunt~I’ve got a lot of money! I will treat you!^^”
She was so certain that I thought to myself she might have gotten a large allowance from someone.
I wondered if that was true so I stopped walking and crouched down to ask her.
“Really? then show your aunt the money.”
“Sure, aunt ~ stretch forth your hand~.”
It looked like she pulled something out from her pocket
and she stretched out her closed hand that seemed something inside.
Then she put her fist on my hand and opened slightly saying with a grin,
“Here it is! Love money!!”
“What?~~~ Love money??(^^) Oh! Ok, thanks,” I said to her with a smile.
She was so jubilant as if she gave me a good sum of money.
She said that her love for her aunt turned into ‘Love money’ 
and she should be able to buy anything with that.
I laughed it off as a joke but the more I thought, the more it warmed my heart.
I told her,
“Right. let's eat delicious jajangmyeon and pay with this ‘Love money.’
It's true that my sweetie 〇〇 is treating her aunt with ‘love money.’  Wow~~it’s so awesome.”
I felt like I received a lot of money from my niece although nothing was given.
Meanwhile, I came to this thought.
‘To God, we are like this.
The only thing we can offer to God is love when he does something for us.
How dare we pay his magnificient grace with material or visible things?
It is only love for him, He will consider that he has enough return with that love itself.
He will be delightful with that love and not spare his numerous blessings on us.
Right! To GOD, only love is need to be paid.
We can buy anything whatever he wants with this love money.
The word of ‘love money’ lingered on my ear
and it was the day I was determined to deposit ‘love money’ into the ‘bank of mind’ continually.
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