God who placed the human angels on my left and right sides.
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God who placed the human angels on my left and right sides.

“God gave people ‘the blessing of studying.’
Studying enables you to make something that already exists even better.
Study about both your faith and your own life!”
When I heard this, I realized that I need to think it over how to raise my spiritual level first.
And the next, I thought about what more I need to be qualified
and what to study on from the aspects of the physical side.
Suddenly, I remembered the thing that I wanted to learn long before but I have postponed.
I looked up the institutions for the lesson, went there in person to consult 
and finally signed up for the class.
The computer class that I wanted to take was ‘the illustrate.’
At last, the course started and I went to the class room to take the first class.
There were 25 students in the room and most of them were college students in their twenties.
I was anxious that ‘Loos like I am the oldest.
Will I be able to cope well with this lesson since I am not good at learning right away?’
However, I was taking this class not for the job after 
but for the better accomplishments in doing work for the Lord
so I made my mind firmly as clenching my fists trying to fixate my thoughts 
only on this purpose constantly.
Finally the class began but after a short while I started to zone out.
Because I couldn't understand the teacher’s lesson well and it was way to difficult for me.
What stumped me more was that the computer mouse was not moving as I wanted.
I expected that I would keep up with the class for I always drew the pictures with photoshop
but I couldn't use my hand freely although it certainly was my hand.
Although I used to use the electronic pen, the line was not drawn as I wanted with the mouse instead
and I couldn't be all ears to the teacher's lecture.
After two days, I was stressed out and didn't want to go to the class.
My determination to learn diligently in other to draw better pictures for the Lord became waned
and the superficial thinking was pressing in on me such as ‘Do I have to learn it arduously like this?
Isn't that enough with what I have done so far?’
This doubt kept revolving in my mind and eventually I became discouraged.
I questioned to myself ‘what's going on? Didn't I even prayed in advance for the special intention 
that I would learn it out for 21 consecutive days?’
On the third day, the struggle against myself started.
‘Not to go? I don't have to go through this stress. I don't want to go! But do I have to go?’
I was reluctant to get up so lying in bed with beady eyes and kept agonizing.
Then the thought flashed upon me ‘For now, let's just go! Try it only one more day today!’
So I hurried to get ready.
Nonetheless, I became under a lot of stress as soon as I set foot in the institute.
The third day class began and my head already went blank 
even though it did not reach to the main course.
Students began to draw instantly after the suggestion of the teacher who gave us a quick explanation
and a demonstration and said “Attention!~ Give a try.”
I was amazed at them in wonder how they could catch up right away and did it so well.
I started following the step by step instructions of the teacher
that I wrote down on my notebook fully at a glacial pace.
None the more, it didn't work out the way I wanted. I was really distressed.
I felt that this wouldn't do at all so I asked the woman sitting right next to me
and she willingly began to walk me through in a calm and orderly way.
And the woman sitting left next to me who was watching the way I did also taught me after she finished hers.
For the first 2 days, the seat to my left was empty so I thought that she was the new student 
but I found it out that she changed the class time today 
from the evening to the morning for some personal reason.
I could understand it very well by additional explanations from both sides
while I couldn't understand right away only by the teacher’ lecture.
By doing so, I completed the third day class.
I felt refreshed as if a burden had been lifted off my mind when I left the class room.
I heaved the sigh of relief after the questioning ‘What if I didn't come to the class today in despair?’
I began to feel more at ease even the class was still difficult to keep up with.
The kindly woman right next to me offered the help 
and taught me right away without being asked whatever I was stuck with in between times 
when she was looking at my computer in her worry.
By the benefit of being in the middle, 
I was able to ask women on the left and right in turn about whatever I didn't understand 
and they both kind enough to taught me very well.
I could finished one month course in that way without any mishap.
I was overwhelmed with a full heart and joy.
I felt greatly rewarded as if I received a Ph.D. degree even if it looked like nothing to others.
Above all else I was struck a cord with God’s magnificient grace 
who worked through me elaborately with great care.
I expected to be very skillful in no time 
through the divine help by giving me great wisdom and ability since I prayed 21 days for this intention 
but God answered to my prayer in a quite different way that I anticipated.
That is to say, He placed the human angels.
I recalled the word that one of God’s many ways in helping man was to help him through other man.
Besides, He helped me not to give up by giving me ‘the strong will to do my best.’
I am now very grateful and happy 
that I have another memorable, cherishable story with God like this again.
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