“From now on, only good things will happen.”
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“From now on, only good things will happen.”

The power of word is truly strong.
You can be greatly encouraged by a word, can get angry at a word on the spur of the moment,
can be moved by a word and gain unexpected thing by a word.
Word is invisible but it can be either a cruel weapon or a beautiful gem.
A little ago, I was deeply hurt by ‘hurtful words’ from certain people.
I was criticized with this reproach
“Why did you draw such a horrible Hell? People detest dreadful thing like that.”
As if I was doing totally useless, worthless things in their judgements.
I was more traumatized when I heard these words even from the senior members in faith.
The reason why I painted Hell and let it be known is not to spread fear or brutality.
I had no reason to draw Hell in spite of all the pain I went through if there is no Hell.
They had no idea how much courage I had to come up with to draw these kinds of pictures
because I happened to be so feeble hearted from early childhood 
that I could not even watch the horror movie.
According to God’s plan, I have seen Satan and have been to Hell so many times,
therefore I could not help but give testimony of this world which exists in real.
It's because Hell is nothing but true.
The ultimate goal of Hell pictures and dissemination is to convey the Lord’s supplication
who wants us to know Hell precisely and not to go at any cost,
rather than making someone frightened and terrified.
Most of people do not know about Hell at all and even those who are aware of Hell,
they know it too vaguely and as a result of it, so many people are falling into Hell.
The Lord pleaded with me. Let’s get this done. No matter how arduous and hard the task is!
I was distressed when I heard these harsh words
for I had been enduring all the hardships firmly for the shake of the Lord whose mind I could feel deeply
Who wished no one to falls into Hell by showing it as it is.
Now that the seeds of a word were sown on my mind,
no matter how much I tried to urge myself ‘let go of those harsh words’ they were lingering on
and I couldn't stop breaking into tears from time to time even though I struggled to cheer up.
My heart was so troubled that I lost a few nights sleep over this incident.
However, I went to work my atelier in other to make a living and was giving an art lesson to kids.
On that day one of the students came up to me and boasted about two prizes he won from the school.
I congratulated him sincerely
but due to the heaviness of my mind I just mumbled to myself like bleating “I envy you~~!”
At that moment, a nine years old girl who was standing next to him gave me a big smile.
She was such a sweet heart that she was always positive
and generous enough to share her snacks with others.
She was gazing at me as if she could read my mind and said
“Teacher!~~ From now on, only good things will happen.~”
She pronounced it clearly word by word with a great smile.
Marvelously I felt like ‘the gold dust of hope’ were sprinkled on my mind when I heard this.
It was like the word changed into the remedy medication and healed my bare wound.
I replied her with “Sure! Thanks.~”
After that, the word flashed upon my mind often
and indeed something insignificant but pleasant things kept happening to me.
Meanwhile I came to realize this.
It’s not the word that brought about delightful things
but the word was transformed into ‘the magic eyeglasses which enabled me to find the joy of life’
from the small stuffs that I used to overlook and easily dismissed.
In fact, there are so many ups and downs in life
and happiness is oftenly disregarded while it is around especially when you are distressed.
However, if you are contented and happy you don’t feel despair
even when you are in the upsetting and frustrating situation.
If you are pleased, you are able to find each and every little happiness
through this ‘ joy detecter magic glasses.’
I have determined to be a person like that to God.
He has been doing the most exhausting work for the longest time.
It is loving and saving this world without ceasing even it is filled with sins.
Viewing it in a realistic sense, it seems virtually impossible to get it done and questionable if it will ever end.
Nonetheless, God loves us so much that He keeps carrying it on
regardless of being recognized by us or even when He is deeply grieved.
Suddenly it came to my mind how much he would be pleased if I say
“God~~! What you’ve been doing is the most awesome thing!
All will turn out well. From now on, it will be filled with all good things.
Pull yourself together. I will help you. Let's do it together!”
Even it’s not saying much but just a word of encouragement from the bottom of heart,
a lovely word, the word like ‘everything will be fine,’ the word like ‘hang in there,’
the word like ‘you are doing great,’ the word like ‘I believe in you.’
These words are truly beautiful gems to my eyes.
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