The greatest CEO
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The greatest CEO

I took a taxi to go to church.
I could not help but listen to the radio because the cab driver turned it on.
They usually tune the radio to the music channel, but today was different.
The radio station was interviewing with the CEO of some successful enterprise 
that I listened to attentively.
The radio host asked this question to the CEO.
“How could you run that largest enterprise so successfully which has numerous employees?”
Then, he answered.
“From where I stand, the most impactive management of the company
is the management of employee's values.
Thousands of employees work for my company and I have no way to know each and every personnel.
I can't apprehend so many people all on my own
and in fact it's almost impossible to control their conducts.
However, there's only one way to control them properly and lead them.
That is what is called ‘management of values.’
If you keep instructing and instilling the CEO's creed of business, firm belief, 
vision of the company, heighten their pride in being an employee, 
then positive insight of the company will be cultivated and formed in them 
that you don't have to guide one by one individually but they all do their best with mottos.
Then, the company runs well and thrives as a matter of course and the outcome can't possibly be bad.”
After I heard this, I thought it's truly right.
"Increase in extension," came to my mind that God's governing style in leading us also is the same.
Almighty God knows every details of each, and every one and looks after
but he can't meet billions of people in person and guide their lives one by one directly.
He operates it with ‘word’ only.
We are able to perceive his thought and mind through this ‘word’ above all else
and the key to solve all problems, key to lead an appropriate life are all in that ‘word.’
The more you grasp the word, the more you appreciate your value
and self esteem so that whenever you're challenged with ordeal and adversity,
you will regain strength to overcome and try your best again on your own through this ‘word.’
In conclusion, you improve your being on your own by straightening your thought and mind
through ‘word.’
By recognizing ‘word’ deeply and act on that, 
you're doing your part as an employee of the ‘God's corporation’
even though God doesn't lead each and every one of us individually.
In this way, God's corporation is prospering more day by day and becomes a magnificent conglomerate.
The more I thought, God is indeed! the supreme director, the best of the best CEO.
We are not the eminent CEOs, Nevertheless, We all are the CEOs in our own lives big or small.
Parents are the CEOs in the family and the teacher is one of the CEOs in the school.
Even though my atelier is small but in terms of running the business I can be considered as a CEO too.
Likewise, we can be in the position as a CEO
regardless of the scale by situation or condition of each individual in life
but how to lead the staff is very crucial in the pursuit of successful management.
In any case, if you lead them by coercive measures or demanding unconditional compliance
then a leader and a follower both will be stressed out and troubled easily before long.
I've come to this conclusion that the best way of the management
is keep instilling the most ideal notion into their mind
and guide them to be inspired and motivated on their own.
I've determined to follow the God's management method who is the greatest manager,
in case I become a CEO of various groups that I belong big or small in the future.
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